"The combination has created a profitable growth comet with a monthly revenue of over half a million. That is an increase of no less than 1,100% in monthly revenue in just one year...."

From aspiring delicacy store to digital growth comet

Exotic Mix is a delicacy store and webshop that sells a large and exclusive selection of nuts, dried fruits, chocolate dragees, and much more. They were established in 2011 and have since had a permanent place in the heart of Copenhagen - more precisely, Torvehallerne. Their customer service is always on par, and quality is paramount, whether you visit their charming store in Torvehallerne or their webshop, Exoticmix.dk.

Background for collaboration

Exotic Mix consists of enthusiasts who love what they do. Therefore, it doesn't take long from thought to action. In 2018, they decided to open the doors to a digital webshop. With an appetite for success, they entered the digital jungle with a desire to achieve the same successful results they had experienced with their physical store. Although they spent time and achieved good results, it was not enough for them, which is the background for the collaboration with Growbix.

Strategic approach and choice of channels

Based on their case, Exotic Mix needed a sharp strategy to build greater digital awareness and profitable marketing across channels. Based on their physical presence and previous online performance, we worked with an approach that would ensure a red thread in the customer journey. We worked with the following aspects for the final strategy:

  • Strategic advice across digital aspects of the business.
  • Influencer marketing for brand awareness and traffic.
  • Paid advertising on social media for traffic, lead generation, and first-time conversions.
  • Content production. 
  • Web design and conversion optimization of the webshop for incoming traffic.
  • Email marketing through newsletters and automation to increase customer lifetime value.

Advertising and traffic collection

With a view to increasing awareness, branding, and incoming traffic to the website became our primary focus in our marketing setup for maximum scaling. From there, the goal was to convert visitors into paying customers and leads for future resales. With this approach, we had a good foundation for a profitable marketing setup. The channels we used were as follows:

  • Influencer marketing
  • Paid advertising on social media
  • Email marketing and automation

Advertising and traffic collection

For Exotic Mix, influencer marketing was an important partnership and a strong marketing tool for success. As a private label brand, it is necessary to create credibility around its products and clarify differentiations and unique qualities. To target a specific niche audience, it was important to work with micro-influencers so that there was a credible person as a sender.

Micro-influencers are primarily known for building credibility, as they produce relatable content and are on par with their followers. That is why they have a great opportunity to influence their followers towards a particular product or service.

At Growbix, we recommended that Exotic Mix use the platform Make Influence since they, like Growbix, work with data-driven marketing and provide the opportunity for 100% transparency.

Valuable conversions through paid advertising

For Exotic Mix, our goal was to achieve conversions (viewed content, added to cart, purchases) using Facebook and Instagram advertising, which gave us the ability to reach a broader audience, unlike influencer marketing. An important and necessary step in this process was to install a Facebook pixel and ensure that the necessary data went through the events manager. With this setup, Facebook's algorithm could identify people who had already visited Exotic Mix's website and taken previous actions.

After collecting enough data, our objective was to actively work with the tracked events. Here, we used remarketing ads to remind previous visitors about the brand and previously viewed products, leading them further down the purchase funnel. To achieve the most valuable conversions possible, we analyzed behavior using a cohort analysis to determine how long it took from a single event to an active purchase on the website.

Content production

A key part of the Exotic Mix strategy was to maintain a good, informative customer experience and allow customers to get up close and personal, as if they were in the Torvehallerne store. We focused on video material for marketing activities, which was an essential core of the action plan.

When you, as a customer, cannot touch, taste, or smell the delicacies and specialties that Exotic Mix offers, it was important that the content was informative, so consumers knew what to expect from the taste experience. The same applied to the recognizability of the content so that the consumer had no doubt about the sender. Therefore, Baha, who is the store and marketing manager at Exotic Mix, became the digital figurehead since he is the person customers often meet in the store. With this method, we were able to build a strong brand awareness in paid advertising.

For this, we developed a strategic approach to content production to identify which areas of interest would generate the most interaction and conversion. The strategic approach consisted of the following steps:

  • Planning monthly content based on data, season, and industry knowledge.
  • Developing scripts for video recordings, focusing on informative content that generates interest, prompts interaction, and creates conversion.
  • Coordinating filming days, times, equipment, and location. 
  • Recording the planned footage.
  • Executing marketing campaigns with the recorded content. 
  • Analyzing the results of marketing campaigns. 

The editing process focused on creating a consistent look and feel that was tailored to Exotic Mix's identity, ensuring recognizability and strengthening brand awareness over time.

Web design and conversion optimization

Due to the new amount of traffic that Exotic Mix would receive through paid advertising and influencer marketing, it was essential that the Exotic Mix webshop was conversion-optimized.

Here, we used a creative and data-driven approach based on data from previous website behavior. We looked at best practices, previous learnings, and tools like Google Analytics, resulting in a website where there were only a few clicks to payment.

The informative and visual customer journey became an essential part of the website. Due to the vast, appetizing selection, it was important that the products' appearance was inviting and appetizing, both in writing and visually. That meant we cut out all unnecessary content to keep the design simple and user-friendly. We used large, beautiful, and appetizing images of each product with a detailed description.

Profitable marketing through lead generation

To collect incoming traffic from paid advertising and influencer marketing, we used lead generation, resulting in a significant increase in sales. We set up targeted ads that offered a free e-book or newsletter subscription, which gave Exotic Mix the opportunity to gather leads for future email campaigns. This method resulted in profitable marketing for Exotic Mix.

Upon sign-up, the entered email address was automatically transferred to a created list on Klaviyo. From here, the contacts were automatically put into a welcome flow where they received their reward in the form of a discount code. With this approach, we ensured two things:

  1. Firstly, those who visit Exotic Mix and sign up for the newsletter are genuinely interested in the products and are therefore more profitable in the long run, as no additional budget is needed for upselling.
  2. Secondly, those who sign up are likely to open the automated email immediately, increasing Exotic Mix's email delivery rate, resulting in emails landing in the inbox rather than the spam folder.  

In addition to the welcome flow, we created and set up automated retargeting flows triggered by specific actions on the website, such as adding a product to the cart, abandoning the checkout, or looking at a product. We set the correct parameters and filters to ensure that customers receive the appropriate message most likely to result in a potential sale.

With email marketing, our primary focus was to increase the repurchase frequency, thus maximizing the lifetime value of each customer. 


Since partnering with Growbix, Exotic Mix and us have created a marketing setup that reflects the value of the messages that Exotic Mix offers and targets the right audience to achieve desired actions on the website. We have influenced and reached people through influencer marketing and paid advertising and have created a large customer list on their email platform, which has helped increase the lifetime value for each customer month after month. 

The combination has created a profitable growth rocket with a monthly revenue of over half a million. This is an increase of nothing less than 1,100% in monthly revenue in just one year. 

With learnings and a constantly evolving strategy, combined with Exotic Mix's passion for their craft, we are confident that Exotic Mix will become a market leader in delicacies and specialties in a short time.

% increase in revenue
% increase in ROAS
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